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tv   Andrea Mitchell Reports  MSNBC  November 17, 2011 10:00am-11:00am PST

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says he is ready to talk and more alleged victims may be coming forward while mike mcqueary continues to defend his actions today to wcau in philadelphia. >> i'm not going to go into detail about anything, but i think it's obvious that i tried to do the right thing. >> good day, i'm andrea mitchell live in washington. republican candidates are trying to portray themselves as outsiders while saying obama grew up in the lap of privilege. well, if you're confused, you're not alone but manager editor of post chris cillizza, help us avoid confusion. >> i'll try. >> a few identity changes along the way. >> i mean, look. you rightly point out, andrea, everyone is trying to clammer for a hybrid title, one is
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anti-romney because the recognition is that mitt romney is likely to be one of the last two people standing in the republican nomination fight. they are trying to be the anti-romney but also the outsider. everyone knows who watches politics that that's what the primary voter is clammering for, someone not part of the system. i do think this story about freddie mac is damaging potentially for newt gingrich, not just because of the money involved and that's significant but also because it reminds people or maybe it tells people for the first time, this is someone who is very much a creature of washington. i thought newt's response saying well, it shows that i know how washington works was not the right kind of response that voters who want and outsiders are going to hear. we'll see if he can pass the test. to me or anyone i know, spent years following newt gingrich's career, the idea of gingrich as outsider to the d.c. process is a a little bit odd.
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but you never know, politics is the game of invention and re-invention sometimes. >> he has proved very in depth at that indeed. let's talk about rick perry and his attack -- he was on hannity on fox and this was his attack on barack obama's upbringing. let's watch. >> he grew up in a privileged way. you never had to really work for anything. i think that mentality of i'm the smartest guy in the room and therefore it couldn't be my fought is really hurting america. we need a president who has been through the ups and downs in life. >> if that isn't too much to get your head around, rick perry also challenged nancy pelosi to a debate for a verbal dual and pelosi responded today. >> what he did, asked if i could debate here in washington on monday, it is my understanding
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that since a letter has come in, monday i'm going to be in portland in the morning, i'm going to be visiting some of our labs in california in the afternoon. i can't remember what the third thing is i'm going to be doing. >> all right, so everybody is having a little fun with rick perry but the idea of rick perry challenging the former speaker of the house, the democratic leader of the house to a debate, i'm not exactly sure what he's trying to prove there. >> here's what i think he's up to, both with going after president obama on hannity as well as in an ad he's now running in iowa where he calls obama pathetic. and says, his socialist policies are hurting our government, i think that and the debate for nancy pelosi are part of a strategic piece. he's going after two people who are deeply unpopular among republican base voters. the reason for that, he has to find a way to claw back to relevance. given where he is right now,
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single digits, attacks people like mitt romney herman cain, won't do it. he's not a credible messenger at the moment. i think he's trying to attack democrats well known disliked democrats among the republican base to boost his credibility up so that he might be able to start comparing and contrasting his records with those of his -- the people ahead of him in the race. it's a reclamation project and he's trying to use democrats to help him there. >> and republicans voicing control of the house committee on another front going after the president on the whole solyndra mess, a high profile hearing today and it was secretary chu, the secretary of energy, physicist in the hot seat. let's watch. >> as secretary of energy, the final decisions on solyndra were mine and i made them with the best interest of the taxpayer in minds. i want to be clear, over the course of solyndra's loan guarantee, i did not any
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decision based on political considerations. >> this is such a difficult time for secretary chu who has no background at all in politics. he came out of academics and here he is taking the hits for what was clearly an administrationwide effort to try to get some political points out of the solyndra deal. >> my guess here andrea is that we have not heard the last of this. the republicans are very hot on this story. they think there's more politics there than secretary chu or the administration is letting on. this hearing will not be the end of the story. i think we're either in the beginning or the middle but certainly not the end. >> although as you watch the hearing today, chris, you've been busy anchoring and all, but from what we're hearing from that hearing, fred upton, the michigan republican was a bis bt chasaant by an article that sai
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he did exactly the same thing in trying to get a deal for a michigan energy company. >> any time we get the -- done the "washington post," i'm happy, andrea. >> thank you so much, see you later. occupy wall street leaders are calling for a day of action marking two months since the movement began and protesters have not disappointed. in new york, protesters attempted to block employees from entering the new york stock change the nypd says so far more than 100 people have been arrested. in los angeles, hundreds of demonstrators have already marched through the city's financial district while union groups gathered in protest near the offices of bank of america and wells fargo. in portland, more than a dozen protesters were arrested after marching across steel bridge. here in washington, protesters say they plan to march on key bridge just as the evening rush hour begins in a key area of georgetown that's sure to snarl
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traffic between washington and virginia. mara has the latest there. you've seen this from the very beginning. what is the momentum and feeling there two months in. >> reporter: it's interesting after the eviction earlier this week when the protesters were allowed back into the park, they were jubilant, even though they lost in court, they were not allowed to return with the camping gear. they said they were happy because this movement strives on movement up and resilience yens and the fact they were still here was going to reenliven them. today marks the two-month anniversary and people are celebrating the fact the movement is still going on and they have made it through the various challenges. today is a very joyful day for this movement. right now they have gathered back here where it all started. they can no longer camp here. they are gathering here, playing drums, celebrating and marching
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around the park, et cetera. earlier in the day they did hold a large march, 700 people marched to wall street marking this anniversary and they said their goal was to take their anger and frustration towards financial interest directly to the financial interest and tried to block wall street and keep people trying to go to work from getting there. later today they are expecting thousands and going to be joined by labor unions to march across the brooklyn bridge and the question remains where do they go from here and is the occupation of this park going to be crucial to their movement? andr andrea. >> you have not the best weather but that doesn't seem to have damped their spirits. >> the question has been for quite some time, what is is going to happen when winter sets in. that becomes morree relevant he when you can't have sleeping bags or tents to get you through
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it. the group holds these general assembly meetings every night and asking themselves, do we try to find another place to camp or try to find a place indoors to camp or abandon this notion of occupation all together and move on to another phase of the movement. andrea. >> mara, thank you so much. good luck out there today. one side says that the problem is taxes and the other side says it is entitlements, that's the problem. democrats and republicans can't even agree on why they disagree. capitol hill correspondent luke russert is on the hill and watching the super committee or not so super committee. i know you talked to people on both sides. and what you're hearing from both sides is a lot of blame game. is there any movement at all on the key issue of taxes or issue of entitlements? >> reporter: at this moment while i'm on your show the answer is no. there is no movement from where we were yesterday last week or the argument from where we were
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a year ago in terms of taxes versus entitlements. from the start of the connecticut republicans do not want to see the taxes go up at all and democrats say we will not touch entitlement unless there's a significant tax increase to garner more revenue. this is still the issue plaguing this committee. since the last few weeks, it's come out that republicans under a plan offered by pat toomey from pennsylvania, as much as $250 billion or $300 billion of new revenue could come from corporate tax reform, andrea, today a letter was circulated among the house of representatives that garnered 72 signatures from house republicans that said they favor not raising taxes in any capacity for the super committee. >> even the toomey compromise which was going to try to work around sort of the semantics if you will of the no tax pledge over northwest, that's a big blog, 72 house republicans
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saying no. >> well, it shows you how hard a deal speaker boehner will have to get through the house if it contains any revenue. that's what a lot of folks have missed. you have in the republican conference in the house this idea that it's sack religious to see any type much new revenue because it would be a reversal of the pledge made pointing back to 1990 which i'm sure you remember when president bush one said no new taxes and they think that's why he lost the race back then. it's a ghost -- it's a ghost that haunts republicans and that's the problem they are having here. we're along way away and this is due basically sunday night and cbo has to score it on monday. we're a long way from seeing any type of compromise. >> there's been a retreat on the democratic side on pledges to deal with entitlements. >> reporter: they are not going to move at all because they feel they have the higher hand and a
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lot of them are happy to see that. >> that's the important context. thank you, luke. up next, florida senator marco rubio on jobs and politics. what is the over/under on super committee? send me your thoughts at twitter at mitchell reports. ♪ you, you ain't alone ♪ and just let me be [ male announcer ] this is your moment. ♪ your ticket home ♪ [ male announcer ] this is zales, the diamond store. [ male announcer ] this is zales, a vacation on a budget with expedia. make it work. booking a flight by itself is an uh-oh. see if we can "stitch" together a better deal. that's a hint, antoine. ooh! see what anandra did? booking your flight and hotel at the same time gets you prices hotels and airlines won't let expedia show separately. book it.
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two senators came together? how does that happen. marco rubio and chris kuhns represented a jobs bill they think both can support. senator, let's talk about your
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jobs bill. first of all, what's in it? i know you've got r and d tax credits and why you think this can get passed? >> we satd down and found stuff in the president's jobs bill and stuff that came out of the president's council and ideas in the republican plan and found things both political parties agreed to and put it in the bill. we were able to put together six to eight things that are pretty meaningful. we have a tax credit that's existing tax law. we're extending an existing law that allows a small business for example to write off the coast of buying a piece of equipment for the business. we also added new stuff that came from job creators, a franchise fee, tax credit for veterans, we want to get rid of the immigration quote at as, that they have filed in the house that gets rid of the immigration quoteas and allows the best and brightest to come into our country and create
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jobs. it's stuff everybody agrees on. it's called the agree act and now the challenge will be to get it moving forward in this climate. there's no excuse not to support it. >> what would be the cost? we all know -- >> obviously it's going to be a lot less than the other jobs bill because it's narrow in scope. we're going to get a congressional budget office score to tell us how much money it costs and identify ways to pay for it by reducing spending in other parts of the budget. we don't think that will be difficult to do and get as many co-sponsors on board. we don't think it will solve all job creation problems but it's important for americans to look to washington and have some good news about the ability of our parties to work together. they don't understand, why do we fight over the things we agree on, doesn't make a lot of sense to me or senator coops either. >> where do you see on pat
10:18 am
toomey your colleague from pennsylvania who is a fellow republican, tried to come up with some way around the no tax pledge, and now we hear from luke russert that 72 house republicans have signed a letter saying they won't go for any of that. >> first of all, i think pat toomey deserves a lot of credit. he has credentials that are unquestionable. i'm glad he's in that room. i object to the whole process of the super committee, i voted against it and thought it was a bad idea and i continue to think it was a bad idea. this is major public policy. some of the biggest things we'll do around here and it's all being done in secret behind closed doors without any public input or deliberation and it's going to come out at the last minute and we'll get an up or down vote. that's really bad. with respect to 12 members of the committee who are working hard and trying to get a result good for our country, you ask about the no tax pledge.
10:19 am
i'll tell you where i come. it's about simple belief that i have that raising taxes is bad for job creation, that's the number one thing we need to do is grow our economy. i support tax reform and looking and saying there are things that don't belong in there. let's identify what those things are. let's flatten the tax code and simplify it and make it easier. at the end of the day, i think an economy not creating jobs is not an economy that can afford to be raising taxes. i appreciate senator toomey's flexibility because he wants to get a result for or country. i would be very cautious about increasing taxes at a time of such historic high unemployment. that's what the president believes. said it last year. >> senator, i want to ask about 2012. the group of republican candidates have not exactly been impressive on debates on foreign policy. were you a little bit shocked at herman cain's answer on libya and rick perry's brain freeze,
10:20 am
at the performance of some of these candidates, your fellow republicans? >> first of all, a couple of things are happening, we've had more debates than we ever had. at this stage candidates are doing the retail politics dut. >> but they shouldn't be better at debates, 23 or more debates helped make barack obama and hillary clinton better debaters and mitt romney's debates last cycle made him a better debater. look at these guys, getting worse not better. >> what you outlined is right. with mitt romney's case, he ran four years ago and you seep the benefits of having run before. i think the candidates will be the first to admit they have to improve their answers but here's where i take comfort. i have 100% confident, we are going to nominate someone for president but i have no doubt we will nominate someone from president that will not just be a sharp contrast the in the direction the president wants to take the country but appealing alternatives. i don't think the president has a good argument to make.
10:21 am
he'll come to the american people next year and ask for a four-year extension on his contract so to speak and i think he'll have a tough time makinging argument when things have gotten worse under his watch. >> do you think they can go up against barack obama one on one? >> i think all of these candidates, including mitt romney -- i'm not a candidate for president but all of us can get better at what we do. they would tell you there are things that happened in the debate they want to improve upon. what i know is they are going through the process of doing that, not only meeting about the issues, interacting with voters and gauge gaining knowledge that way. we'll get a nominee that will beat the president next year. >> marco rubio. >> can newt gingrich rewrite his own history? the politico briefing next here on "andrea mitchell reports."
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newt ging rif is the latest hopeful to surge in the polls. will he be weighed down by his political baggage? in iowa he spent a good part of the day explaining what he did to earn almost $2 million for freddie mac. i wanted to go through this because there's been so much history with freddie mac and nutd gingrich. when he was asked about it in the cnbc debate, he was asked about what we knew was at the time $300,000. now it turns out it was actually we've confirmed up to $1.8 million over eight years. freddie mac, the mortgage giant, which was wide derided for its huge bailout and its role in the mortgage and housing debacle. let's talk about newt, there's a hypocrisy. this was newt gingrich in the debate last month.
10:26 am
>> put in by the federal government. if you want to put people in jail, i want to second with michele did. start with barney frank and chris dodd and look at the politicians who created the environment and the politicians who put this country in trouble. >> he's been going after democrats for being hooked up with freddie mac for some taking campaign contributions and criticized barack obama for taking campaign contributions. and all the while he earned 1.6 million -- or $1.8 million from him. our friend david gregory last week gave chris dodd a chance to respond and also martin bashir. >> you should go to jail, the former speaker of the house said. >> i know. >> you and barney frank. how do you react? >> i should be flattered i suppose. >> the republicans are the ones responsible for fannie mae and freddie mac during the bad times
10:27 am
try to blame us. two l words, lobbiest and liar. >> does newt just ignore all of that and portray himself as a washington outsider? >> the always subtle barney frank, andrea. i think there are three issues that i can see with newt and the freddie mac, number one is the hypocrisy question given his strong rhetoric towards democrats about fannie and freddie. number two is the issue itself, fannie and freddie terribly unpopular for the meltdown of 2008. then lastly, it's a reminder that newt is a creature of washington and this is somebody who is running an insurgency from mccain and hey street. there are three real challenges and take a step back, newt's response to this over the last
10:28 am
couple of days has underscored the fact he does not have a campaign infrastructure in place to do rapid response to these kind of stories and that could be a challenge in the days and weeks ahead. he does not have the operation to cut back on these stories it's going to make the stories worse for him. >> jonathan martin, thanks very much. in the wake of the penn state scandal, the sex abuse scandal, more calls for tougher laws against child sex offender. what assistant coach mike mcqueary is saying today. [ female announcer ] from the moment we arrive... we don't want anything to slow us down so it's surprising that most women aren't getting enough calcium. with over 25 flavors, yoplait original gives you 50% of the daily value of calcium in every cup. apology card. this is ridiculous. yeah, and it's got apps. nice. it's got vudu, twitter, facebook. no honey, not facebook.
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in the latest twist, questions are being raised by the validity of mike mcqueary's testimony and the fact that he did go to authorities. mcqueary spoke to wcau earlier today. >> i can't go into detail but it will work out some day.
10:32 am
>> you feel confident of that? >> yeah, you know, the story we told -- some day we'll -- >> do you feel in your heart that you did the right thing? >> again, i'm not going to go into detail about anything, but i think it's obvious i tried to do the right thing. >> former congressman and candidate for pennsylvania attorney general patrick murphy joins us. great to see you again. thank you so much. this tragedy is really unspeakable, unbelievable. you running for the top law enforcement there, you have to have some idea about how you would handle it and how you would have handed it. what mistakes were made by law enforcement officials? >> first, andrea, we need to make sure we're focusing on the right things and the victims in the case. we know there are already at least eight victims, young boys who were really assaulted and it is just so tragic and spans over
10:33 am
15 years. that's our complete focus and making sure that justice is served for the eight victims and there might be more. what i do differently is very simple. four things, first, we've got to make sure we tighten up the reporting requirements. if there's an adult in pennsylvania and you know a child is being sexually abused, you must report it. secondly, we need to make sure we eliminate the statute of limitations. thirdly and importantly here, we need to establish a criminal intelligence database for sex crimes. because what you had here is you had multiple crimes happening different jurisdictions and different counties across pennsylvania and the law enforcement professionals weren't able to talk to one another. they couldn't put in proper context when getting information. by establishing a statewide data
10:34 am
base which we have done already. in bucks county when we had a gang issue in my congressional district and got the funding to make sure we were targeting that. that would be critical. one last thing, we need to expand child advocacy center. we only have 13 child advocacy centers, you have law enforcement and child welfare folks and mental and medical health care folks all in the same room when using those forensic investigators. you don't have these young victims having to repeat again and again and again the traumatic things that happened to them. >> very briefly though, before i let you go, a lot of people are asking questions about the governor who was the attorney general and the fact this grand jury investigation took a couple of years. is there nothing that can be done to protect victims and to take action even before charges are filed? >> yes. >> i know people are innocent until proved guilty but there still was the case where people, sandusky for instance, had
10:35 am
access to the locker rooms there. >> that's right. it is clear, andrea, there was systemic failures here. and we need to target those and that's why we need to act with a sense of urgency so this never happens again. the number one responsibility has to be for the welfare of the children and their safety. i have a little daughter, maggie murphy and jack is 2, as a father and former prosecutor, i have seen how this hurts our children. in this case, when i was a military prosecutor we had a case i had to prosecute a case, a navy demander who assaulted and sexually abused a 7-year-old girl. because we use the child advocacy centers, we had the videotape when we entered these folks, they videotape the first interview, you preserve the evidence and their testimony that they can use often times later in trial to they don't
10:36 am
have to relive that. >> we have to leave it there. we have no more time today. thank you so much. >> thank you, i appreciate it. >> with only days to go until the super committee is supposed to deliver, all it's produced is a lot of finger pointing. >> the productive conversation has to be on their side to resolve of the difference of where they are on whether or not to put real revenue on table. once they resolve that and willing to compromise, then we can reach a deal. >> it's very clear to me there's never been a democrat position, not one, not one time that will address this issue. >> major garrett acongressional correspondent for the national journal and writes about the super committee. john summers, and tony frat,
10:37 am
good to see you there. let me ask you first, because you've been there most recently with harry reid. people seem so far apart. is there a point where the leaders, we saw harry reid and john boehner getting together this week. will they come and rescue this at the last minute? >> we've got six days to go and six days in washington as we all know here at this table is a very long time. they do have the possibility of coming up with a deal. they are very far apart but american families watching this are hopeful they'll come up with a deal. making very difficult choices right now, sitting at the kitchen table trying to decide what bills to pay, trying to get a good education and live the american dream. they watch what's going on here in washington right now. i think they are frustrated because of lack of leadership on the republican side in congress. i have to disagree with speaker boehner, no surprise to you, democrats have taken a position.
10:38 am
we have agreed to all of the cuts that the republicans put on the table with the exception of three things, no cuts in senior benefits, let's create jobs and -- >> if there's no cuts to senior benefits, you're taking off the table all of the biggest items. tony i hear you chuckling there. >> exactly, you can't have that conversation and point fingers only in one direction, especially john, you have to be a little bit embarrassed that we're approaching 1,000 days since the u.s. senate produced a budget. we didn't need super committees in the past because we had actual budget committees that produced budgets and put them on the floor. that said i'm optimistic. i think the supercommittee has incentives in line. only people in town who have a real incentive to come to an agreement. both sides of the aisle have taken this charge seriously. i see they are going to come up with a plan and hit the target. i don't think they'll go big but i think they'll hit their target. >> we have the greatest moat vacation because we want to go
10:39 am
home for thanksgiving. let's talk about this. this is getting serious. >> the leadership created the super committee, invested it with unbelievable, unprecedented procedural clout and power, insulating it from all of the other ravages that slow down legislation, filibusters, amendments, everything. there was work product by two independent commissions laid before this committee. all of the work was done, the procedural guardrails were all knocked down. it's a clean, straight line. what does this tell us? you can't use process to overcome politics until you resolve these issues about taxation entitlements politically, no matter of procedural gimmickry will change the outcome. they might get 1.2 trillion and the lowest common denominator. all of us could find it over ten years with a lot of age-old washington gimmicks, if they do produce something, that's what's going to be in it. won't fundamentally alter the
10:40 am
fiscal trajectory of this counted because we haven't come to a consensus politically. >> what if they don't reach agreement even on that bear minimum and try to kick the can down the road and eliminate the automatic triggers. >> i think there is a chance they get it done. it's a slim chance but there's a chance they get it done. all democrats are looking for is a balanced approach. when you look at the choice the republicans are putting in front of the american people, it's tax cuts for the rich or cuts to entitlements tore seniors and certainly families. >> tony, will grover nor quist have the last laugh here? >> luke reported earlier about 70-odd republicans who signed the letter. it wasn't 200 plus republican house members who signed the letter. i think that there are a lot of republicans who want to have an open mind about how to deal with this going forward. if we're talking about tax reform and not simply moving marginal rates. >> it's hard to say that when
10:41 am
every time things get real, republicans walk away from the table. you saw it in the last -- >> there's walking away from both sides. come on. >> major garrett will take you both and resolve this right now. thank you so much. great to see you, tony, thank you again. >> escalating violence in syria. is this the start of the civil war? the latest next on andrea mitchell reports. on november 26th you can make a huge impact by shopping small on small business saturday. one purchase. one purchase is all it takes. so, pick your favorite local business... and join the movement. i pledge to shop small at big top candy shop. allen's boots... at juno baby store. make the pledge to shop small. please. shop small on small business saturday. helps defends against occasional constipation, diarrhea,
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10:45 am
the request of the prosecution? there's new worry the case could be in jeopardy after new details come out about mike mcqueary's relationship with jerry sandusky following the alleged sexual assault of a 10-year-old boy in a shower he says he witnessed. amateur video out of syria shows what may be the start of a civil war. a growing number of defectors taking up arms against government troops and tanks. we should note msnbc has not been able to independently verify this video. richard engel is the chief foreign correspondent and is live in istanbul. we know part of this started with the arab league meeting in moroc morocco, but what dynamic are you hearing from your sources now? >> reporter: we're seeing two very different dynamics, but both of them have the same objectives to pressure syria and pressure the regime of bashar al
10:46 am
assad, much more pressure coming from the arab league, tluding the three-day deadline to allow international observers including journalists in that they don't allow the observers to go in, they will face more sanctions. syria would have to stop the violence, no indication that syria has any intention in either allowing the observers or stopping the violence. that's diplomatically. on the ground we're watching the rea emergence of the free syrian army. it is a group of defectors, how big it is is unclear. according to members of the free army we've spoken to, they say they have a source of 15,000, who let the formal security forces of syrian government and join this rebel army, now the regime itself dismisses that number, the 15 to 20,000 as
10:47 am
wildly inflated. what cannot be denied, however, is that this rebel group is starting to take military action. it has some relatively sophisticated weapon and been able to destroy several tanks, how many we don't know. but at least four according to multiple sources inside syria. it is a different dynamic and it's unclear and if this is really a tipping point people are now starting to take wagers on how long the government in syria will last. according to who we've been speaking to they think weeks to month but it's hard to know. >> the arab league had second thoughts and offered to send military and diplomatic observers to syria to give them a second chance to comply. i don't know where that stands right now and whether there's any indication that the asatd e
10:48 am
rejet stream r rejet strer rejet strer regeem is going to work with -- >> in you remember libya, gadhafi said, of course libya is abiding by the cease fire and we accept the terms of the cease fire and on the ground people were being shot and the libyan army was attacking. syria is taking a similar position, maintaining that it wants the arab league peace initiative and that it is abiding about the peace initiative. state television is broadcasting to the syrian people that the troops are being pulled back from syrian cities but that's not the case. the syrian military is still continuing to carry out offensive operations and now sometimes defensive operations as this free syrian army is going on the offensive. >> it just seems as though -- tofr the arab league suspending syria, which has been such a major player in the arab league all of these years and to have
10:49 am
them having second thoughts about taking that tough stance and assad, you don't know whether he's cornered or this thing will end up being civil war. richard engel, extraordinary story. >> go ahead. >> reporter: there are deep concerns about the civil -- possibility of a real civil other sectarian war in this area. maybe even exacerbating them, but you have to look at the dynamic in syria. you have a shiite government, only maybe 10 to 15% of the population being members of the shiite community and almost all of the opposition forces are members of the sunni majority. it's the exact flip side of what we saw in iraq, where you had a sunni government and shiite society. there are deep concerns. if the regime goes and it goes suddenly, what will replace it. >> richard engel, thank you very much. thanks for the report today.
10:50 am
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. >> which political stories will make headlines in the next 24 hours? i think it will be occupy wall street because there fresh confrontations with bystanders and police as they try to get back into zuccotti park. it's happening within the hour. the march led to them trying to get back into the park area. we will see a lot more coming up as we go throughout this day. >> no question. all morning this has been the story and i think it will be the story all afternoon. i walked to lunch through the occupy d.c. protest and between "the washington post" and the white house. a lot of police presence.
10:54 am
everyone is on guard and nervous at the moment. the occupy d.c. protest has been much less controversial, certainly not as many clashes, i would say as with occupy wall street. i think it feels like and looks like in new york things are reaching a boiling point. interesting to see how it influences the other occupy movements including here in the nation's capital. >> mike bloomberg moved to move them out and the court case ensu ensued. what is the public attitude on how this could be an issue in the campaign? >> they are a little bit all over the place. we have been talking a lot about it. this is something seeping into the national consciousness. poll iing that suggests that mo people identify with the cause and the inequality between the
10:55 am
rich and the poor that identify with the tea party and polling that suggests the opposite. this is in some ways and i don't want to make the comparison, but what is similar is in political terms, we didn't know what we were getting and where it would head for months after it began. we are still in the instant stages of the occupy wall street movement. drawing conclusions is tough. >> you can see there with the pictures with the nypd and the protesters around the area, this is heating up indeed. thank you very much. that does it for us for this edition of "andrea mitchell report reports". new york city deputy mayor and hillary clinton adviser responding on the occupy protests. remember to follow the show online and on twitter @mitchell reports.
10:56 am
>> it's a big evening and we will take our audience live to the occupy site in new york. this is a big day for this movement and developing news in the solyndra investigation. secretary steven chu said they have nothing to do with his decision to give them a loan. does this mean they have a chance to go after the president? justice fur four teens convicted of murdering a woman in 1994. a judge voided convictions after dna proved they did not commit the murder. this is not the end of the struggle to freedom and clear their names. the attorney will represent them from the innocence project. they are spending nearly 17 years behind bars. just one phillips' colon health probiotic cap a day
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